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Built-in optimization for instals/registrations/deposits under advertising sources traffic Facebook, Google UA
Ability to use deep links
Transparent analytics
Customized push notifications
19 105 $
25 156 $
21 340 $
29 709 $
1 $
0,7 $
1,2 $
1,4 $
10 $
6 $
12 $
11 $
100% optimization of external ASO and the application itself under the Gambling theme
Increased product metrics compared to peers ( retention, DAU, Average Session Length, Lifetime, Paying Users, ARPU )
25% conversion to installation
15-25% in the registration
Quick start

Rent: it takes less than 1 week to launch

Individual development: takes 2-3 weeks (we will help you with the moderation and you will get your own unique application)

Instant download and perfect operation on all devices
We use a modern technology stack

Front-End: Swift, Cordova, React

Back-End: Node.js, Nginx, Php

App rental price
  • New customers from $ 400 per month + $ 0.10 for each install
  • If you pay before (31.12.2021), the payment for each install is 0,15$
  • Implementation and launch period: 2-5 business days.
  • One application is available to no more than2 arbitration teams.
  • By separate agreement, we provide FB advertising cabinets, where the application is in the White List.
  • New applications are released 3 times a month. Please book in advance.
The cost of selling the
  • Sale: from $ 5,000 + 2% of app revenue - transfer of rights by granting admin access to the developer's playmarket or appstore connect account
  • Implementation and launch period: 10 business days
The cost of developing a personal application with a fill in the appstore account + server part
  • from $ 5,000 Appstore - from $ 4,000 Play Market you get a branded app. You will have organic traffic from the appstore and play market sites. It is highly ranked in the SEO results of Google|Bing|Yandex
  • Your application will be located in the casino section. Have a unique look and personalized ASO
  • Transfer of rights by granting admin access to the developer's Playmarket or Appstore connect account
  • Implementation and launch period: 20 working days. All additional points are discussed at the consultation.
Using advertising offers

We do not limit our partners. You can use any of your offers when working.

PS If necessary, we will give a subjective assessment of the feasibility of filling traffic to this offer based on the traffic source, payment and region

How to get started
  1. Consultation. You will get answers to all your questions
  2. We provide limited access to the app for your advertising accounts to the app
  3. Make a payment
  4. You get personal deep links and access to analytics systems
  5. Start pouring traffic
You can contact us simply by writing to
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